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"Pole Dance school" - one of the first specialized dance schools in the centre of Riga. Our main direction of activities is the air acrobatics (Pole dance, Aerial Hoop).


In our dance school, the full training of the dance on a pole is offered, which includes the following:

— pole dance (acrobatics)

— choreography

— stretching

— lap dance

 as well as



We will teach you this elegant and beautiful dance. As well as you will enjoy the following benefits of our Pole Dance school:

The height of the ceilings - 5 meters. The area of the hall - 120 sq. m.

Pole Dance, Aerial Hoop – these are the kinds of sports which look particularly impressive at the height.

Pole Dance school is known to all those who are close to the pylon sport. Today, we continue the traditions of the excellence of teaching, and we practice the individual approach to every student.

The dance studio Pole Dance school provides the training courses, being taught by the professional teachers, who already for the few years, have been developing their creativity in the pole dance industry. For us, the pole dance is the favourite among all other sports, dances and fitness.

Pole Dance school consists of the professional team, as well as it provides the convenient schedule and the pleasant atmosphere and communication.

Our school is not just a ground for your physical development based on the main training directions, but also a big and friendly family.

The following is always available for your service in our school:
refreshing drinks, tea, water
parking places

excellent mood, self-confidence, a slim figure, flexibility, plastics and a certain portion of adrenaline - are included into the permanent ticket!Kiss